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Recent projects


'Wild' exhibition pitch
Manchester Museum

Concept designs for the 'Wild Futures' section of the exhibition, in collaboration with Polly Lewis.

Our propsal focussed heavily on the sustainable aspects of the brief. The majority of materials proposed were reclaimed or recycled. We created a list of these materials before putting pen to paper and designed within those constraints.

Case 1e.jpg


Exhibition and graphic design for the redisplay of the internationally important Delftware collection.

The budget wouldn't allow for wholesale changes to the gallery and so I concentrated on bringing in a strong blue colour scheme allied to bold clear graphics to pull the scheme together within existing cases and display structures.


Think Global: Act Bristol
M Shed

Lead designer for an exhibition tackling the climate and ecological crises that aimed to question received wisdom and assumptions to activate visitors to reimagine their own roles, power and neighbourhoods to show how Bristol could look and work in a just and green future.

We worked hard to make the exhibition as carbon neutral as possible, using either recycled or sustainable materials.

UoSH 3d3.jpg


Unlocking our Sound Heritage
Bristol Archives

Touring structures showcasing six stories about the hidden voices of the British Empire as part of the nationwide Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project.

3 printed plywood panels interlock to form a solid self supporting structure with an integrated video screen.

Visitors scan QR codes to access a menu of sound recordings that form the basis of the stories presented.


Colston Statue display
M Shed

Lead designer responsible for displaying and interpreting the Colston Statue following its toppling in Bristol.

We worked closely with the Mayor's office to navigate how we display and contextualise the statue within an internationally volatile socio political environment.

I was pivotal in translating the complex debates and backstory into a space where everyone could have their say by voting in-gallery on the eventual fate of the statue. 

© Khali Ackford - Mshed Colston 105.jpg
Projects header.jpg


3D and graphic design for the display of 200 carved Japanese Netsuke. Inspired by a blend of traditional and modern japanese architecture, colourful mini 'tower blocks' were installed into existing cases to provide each Netsuke with it's own mirrored individually lit 'apartment'. This allowed for 360 degree views of the carved details.

The object aligned  flip up label system had to be replaced with large panels due to Covid-19 safety measures.

Selected project portfolio Museum and Exhibition Design
Exhibition design consultancy services for museums, art galleries, heritage sites, visitor centres and hands on science centres. Design for interactive exhibits. Museum displays, interpretation strategy and  development.
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